Small restaurants have a harder time eliminating trans fats, but thats just what they may have to do if New York citys proposed ban on trans fats comes into effect for its 24,000 food service establishments. The ban is controversial, considered by some an overzealous and overreaching example of government intervention in business, but New York city has a good track record; the citys ban on smoking in bars and restaurants created similar debate, but was successful and is widely imitated. The elimination of trans fats from the American diet will not change the countrys number one health problem: obesity. The new Oreos may have no trans fats, but they have the same level of calories and calories from fat as the old Oreos. Americans do still have to strive to eat less, but most health experts agree that trans fats are harmful if ingested in any quantity.

bell trans restaurants, wendys with its 5500 restaurants, Arbys in its 3500 restaurants, while other chains, including industry. The trans fat cannot be phased out immediately in such huge food operations. Arbys, for example, is beginning by cutting the trans fat from its French fries, a two-step process, since potato suppliers generally pre-cook the fries in trans fat before the restaurant finishes them off in more trans fat. Taco bells search for a substitute fat took two years of research and extensive consumer taste tests.

A serving of a single cookie, for example, can legally have almost half a gram of trans fat boots and qualify as trans fat free. A consumer who eats four cookies could unwittingly consume almost two grams of trans fat. Bowing to public pressure and litigation by an anti-trans fat organization, baking-giant Nabisco, producer of Oreo sandwich cookies, a product so well known and well-loved in America that it even appears on crossword puzzles, began a campaign to eliminate the trans fat from the popular. The trans-fats used to manufacture Oreos added greatly to the cookies distinctive taste, consistency and ease of manufacture. Scientists at Nabiscos parent company Kraft were faced with the task of eliminating the trans-fats from Oreos and other products without altering the taste and feel of this culturally important food item. Krafts size and its ability to invest 100,000 people hours in the project, led to a successful reintroduction of an Oreo with no trans-fats. Tasting panels reported hardly any difference; American children gave no complaints. Turning pressure into profit, Krafts elimination of trans-fats from its Triscuit crackers, also with no diminution in taste and consistency of the product, led to a significant increase in Triscuit sales. The food giant engineered the removal of trans fats from its broad line of cereals, pizzas, meat products, desserts and other foods. By the time the fda labeling requirements when into effect, the company was able to turn a threat into a marketing opportunity.

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The Trans frans Fat Controversy, trans fats are on their way out of the American diet. Trans fats are created when vegetable oils are partially hydrogenated, a process that retards spoilage and allows the oils to be used in a number of industrial food processing applications. Some trans fats occur naturally in some vegetables and dairy products, but it is the trans fat that is used in cooking oil, and for baked goods like bread and cookies, that has gotten the attention of nutritionists and food activists. A wide cross section of medical opinion blames trans fats for the lowering of blood levels of hdl (the good cholesterol) and an elevation of ldl (considered the bad cholesterol leading to hardening of the arteries and coronary problems. The federal food and Drug Administration (FDA) estimates the average America eats.7 pounds of trans fats every year. Both the United States Department of Agriculture and the department of health and Human Services have warned against trans fat. The fda now requires trans fat content to be clearly indicated on product labels. Unfortunately, the requirement only applies per serving, and allows up to half a gram of trans fat per serving to be indicated as zero trans fat. The per-serving rules are often deceptive since servings are often unrealistically small given American eating habits.

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Operating in Las Vegas since 1970, we have built a tradition and the reputation as the leading transportation company in nevada. Bell Trans has been operating in Las Vegas since 1970, building a company on tradition which led to a reputation as the leading transportation company in nevada. Get directions, reviews and information for. Bell Trans in Las Vegas,. Careers, bell Trans has been providing service to the greater Las Vegas area since 1970. Bell Trans is Las Vegas premier transportation company and has built a solid reputation as the leader in the limousine service industry. Get reviews, hours, directions, coupons and more for Bell Trans at 1900 home Industrial Rd, las Vegas,. Search for other Transportation Services in Las Vegas. See what employees say it s like to work.

Welcome to the largest leading limousine transportation service in Las Vegas. We provide quality vehicles to our exclusive customers. Limo himalaya Share-a-ride. Limo Share-a-ride is an Airport Shuttle vegas style that only. Limo Share-a- ride is the most cost effective limousine transportation Las Vegas has to offer. Bell Trans i was booking a las Vegas trip through southwest Vacations and had the option to prepay for roundtrip shuttle service from the airport to the golden Nugget (18). Bell trans 1900 Industrial road Las Vegas, nv 89102 Employment Center. 2000 Industrial road Las Vegas, nv 89102. Experience the excitement of Las Vegas with.

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Whether its a special occasion, a strip tour, wedding, corporate walnoten event, hoover Dam tour, or airport limo in Vegas, bell Limousine can provide you with the experience and expectations associated with luxury limousine service. . Bell Limousine offers exceptional services and a variety of vehicle options, including. Las Vegas party bus. Bell Limousine owns and operates the largest fleet in Vegas with the best. Las Vegas limo rates, and can provide all the services without the need to out-source to other companies.

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