This mask can provide concentrations of oxygen up to 80 at flows of 10 to 15 l/min approximately. We offer this High Concentration Oxygen Mask to our clients at reasonable prices in the market. High concentration non rebreathing mask - segment from the Intersurgical 'Oxygen Therapy training' video. High Concentration Mask is great for use on those who require an oxygen masks for long-term use including head, neck and spinal case patients. This non-rebreather mask is designed for a comfortable, secure fit and the transparency of the tubing provides easy visibility for proper oxygen. Oxygen Mask with control.

high concentration oxygen mask mask enables clear visulization of patient. Reservoir bag assures Oxygen supply to meet variable breathing patterns and tidal volumes.

High Concentration Oxygen Mask to our clients at reasonable prices in the maskers market. Dashmesh sonail healthcare pvt. 226, nigos building, emulgeren cama Industries Estate, goregaon (e mumbai - 400063, maharashtra, india. Devindar Singh Sodhi (Director dashmesh sonail healthcare pvt.

high concentration oxygen mask

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Back to top, frans next previous, send Inquiry, product Code : dsh-11. Brand Name : dashmesh sonail healthcare pvt. Product Description, leveraging on our technologically advanced infrastructural unit, we have been a reputed manufacturer. High Concentration Oxygen Mask to our highly valued clients. This mask can provide concentrations of oxygen up to 80 at flows of 10 to 15 l/min approximately. It depends on the patients breathing pattern. Utmost quality non-toxic, non-irritant medical grade pvc material is used in making this mask at our unit under the vigilant eye of professionals.

Oxygen Concentrator Mask, oxygen

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high concentration oxygen mask

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high concentration oxygen mask

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High concentration oxygen mask
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