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dresscode classic white

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Thou shall leave the bottom button of vest (waistcoat) unbuttoned. . Except when wearing a double breasted or flat bottomed vest, in which case the bottom button should remain buttoned. Thou should iron the collar of a shirt before wearing. . Creased collars caused by dry cleaning and hanging do not follow the natural circularity of ones neck. Thou shall utilize a pocket square when wearing a jacket. Pocket squares are underrated, underutilized and most importantly they are badass. Thou shall not wear a back pack/book bag when in business dress, especially when in a suit. . book bags are reserved for casual wear and students. Thou shall not wear a shirt with any type of logo on it in a business setting, including when in business casual dress. .

They should not be worn with business casual attire. Thou shall not wear a tie without a jacket. If done so, he will run the risk of looking like a waiter at tgi fridays. Thou shall not wear suspenders (braces) without a jacket. . Thou shall only wear suspenders (braces) that utilize buttons, not clips. .

Thou shall not wear a crew neck undershirt when the top button of a shirt is left unbuttoned. . When leaving the top button unbuttoned thou shall wear a v-neck undershirt as The dude does. . Thou can wear brown suits huidcellen for business dress. Thou shall only wear shirts with white collars and white cuffs with a jacket. . These shirts should not be part of a business casual wardrobe, that is, one where suits are not utilized.

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Thou can wear loafers with a suit, however, this is mostly practiced in America. loafers are badass, especially those with bits or tassels. Thou shall not wear flat toe/square toe shoes. . They should be avoided like the plague. . They are cancerous to a mans wardrobe. . They are aesthetically offensive. .

Their sole purpose lies in showing men what not to wear. . Money spent on these would have been better spent on Enron stock circa june 2000. Thou shall only wear patent leather shoes for black tie (semi-formal) and white-tie (formal) occasions. . Patent leather is never acceptable to be worn in a dress or causal setting. Thou shall never wear a long necktie for a semi-formal (black tie) affair, even if that tie is solid black. Thou can wear brown suede shoes for business dress. . They are elegant and gentlemanly. Brown suede shoes are badass. Thou shall not wear Chesterfield coats, which are typically signified by a velvet collar, with anything of less formality than a suit. .

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Thou shall never wear a goji tie and pocket square of the same pattern. . The sports commentators advies who do so look like fools. Thou shall not wear a french cuff (double cuff) shirt without a jacket. Thou shall always doubt salespeople and in-store tailors opinions on fashion, style and fit. The stores they work for pay them, not you. . Their motives are to sell products to who will buy them, not necessarily to who will look best in them. Thou shall not wear slip on shoes with a suit. . In fact, they should be avoided.

dresscode classic white

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As an exception, socks can be salusi matched to something worn above the waist such as a mans shirt, tie, pocket square or suspenders (braces in the uk). Thou shall match the color of his belt to that of his shoes. . This holds true in all situations except when wearing white bucks. Thou need not match the leather on his watchband with that of his shoes and belt, however, it is preferable. Thou shall wear a belt when wearing pants with belt loops. Thou shall never, ever, ever use their belt to hold accessories like beepers, phones, Blackberrys, id tags and/or keys. If pants do not have belt loops they should have side tabs and/or buttons for use with suspenders (braces).

Thou need not match the metal on his watch with the other metals he is wearing, however, it is preferable. Thou can wear black shoes with a navy suit/pants. Thou shall only wear black, brown or oxblood (burgundy) leather shoes for business dress. . The only exceptions allowed are white bucks. . Blue, green triangles or any other colored shoes are inappropriate. White bucks are badass. Thou shall match the color of his socks with the color of his pants. .

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All style is relative. . Some people will disagree with what this blog dictates is good style, and this blog would most likely disagree with them on what they think is good style. . As you can imagine, this results in a situation in which there is no single list of mens stimuleren dress rules that are comprehensive and absolute. . The following are a set of rules that The fine young Gentleman stands. . There are some rules that are immutable, such as the one that a man should match the metal of the bit on his loafer with the buckle on his belt with the metal on his suspenders with the buttons on his blazer with the metal. Then there are some rules that have exceptions, such as the rule that a mans socks should match the color of his pants. . The fine young Gentlemans rules are derived from a variety of sources including tradition, classic rules of mens dress, common sense and personal taste. Thou shall match the metal of the bit on his loafers, belt buckle, suspenders, blazer buttons and cufflinks.

Dresscode classic white
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