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Be careful of other magazine subscription sites that offer "continuous service" subscriptions. Valuemags will simply send you an email and give you the option to renew your magazine subscription. No pressure, and no tricks!

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Can i use a foreign address for subscriptions? No, not at this time. We only process orders for. Do you accept orders, if I don't have a credit card or don't want to use it online? Simply submit best a request via our online form and we would be happy to work with you in any way we can.

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When you reach the order confirmation page, click logo "Add" next to each magazine and laserontharing enter a personal message to be included on the gift card. A free gift Card will be sent to each recipient. Is ordering online safe? When you order a magazine online at Valuemags no one will have access to the information you provide. We use ssl technology which encrypts your order to prevent anyone else from reading it as the information travels from your computer to ours. What if I have questions or problems with anything? Valuemags will help with any questions you have. Simply submit a support request via our online form and we will respond within 72 hours.

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We'll take care of the rest! How do i send magazines to more than one address? On the checkout confirmation page, click the link to "Add New Ship to address". Enter the shipping address and poren click "Proceed to Checkout". Click the drop down menu in the 'ship to' column and choose the right address. How do i send a gift magazine subscription? Valuemags will send a free post card announcing your gift subscription!

If you have not received your subscription within the nutrilite expected time frame, please send us an email and we'll track it down. Keep in mind, your subscription starts when you receive your first issue - not when you place your orders. If you subscribed for 12 issues in one year, you will receive all 12 issues. Can I renew my magazine(s) with Valuemags? Just go ahead and put the magazine you want in your shopping cart. Notice the column called "renewal"? Change the 'no' to 'yes' - and when you check out make sure your shipping address is the same as it appears on the label of your current magazine.

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When will I receive my first magazine issue? It will take 6-10 weeks for your first issue to arrive. This is the standard industry lead time to start a magazine subscription. Once you've placed an order, it takes approximately one to two weeks for your subscription to be received and scheduled by the publisher. Your subscription is then added to the publisher's next production cycle and shipped via standard mail. For example, if your monthly magazine subscription was ordered and received by the publisher in July, and the august issue has already shipped, your order may be added to the september mailing. Publishers ask that you allow 4 to 6 weeks (weekly shiseido magazines) and 6 to 10 weeks (monthly magazines) for delivery to start. Other less frequently published magazines may take longer to arrive.

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