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As some of the cargo had been plundered by islanders, the sultan was reminded of his obligations under the agreement of 1876. 21 In October 1967, in the wake of the departure of the British from Aden and southern Arabia, the mahra sultanate as well as the other states of the former Aden Protectorate were abolished. On 30 november of the same year, socotra became part of south Yemen. Since yemeni unification in 1990, it has been part of the republic of Yemen. In 2016 the United Arab Emirates increased supplies delivered to socotra, which had been largely abandoned and forgotten during the ongoing conflict. In October 2016, the 31st cargo aircraft landed in Socotra airport containing two tons of aid. 22 23 At that time, the uae also established a military base on the island as part of the saudi led intervention. 22 In 2017, some yemeni political factions have accused the United Arab Emirates of looting, claiming that Emirati forces had ravaged the flora of the Island. 24 On January 29, 2018, the local southern Transitional council leadership on the archipelago declared their support for the stc during Hadi infighting in and around Aden.

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The infertility of the voetcrème land led to famine and sickness in the garrison, however. Moreover, the lack of a proper harbour for wintering led to the loss of many moored Portuguese ships, the most important of which was the santo António galleon under the command of captain Manuel pais da veiga. 15 Thus the portuguese abandoned the island four years later, as it was not advantageous as a base. 16 The islands passed under the control of the mahra sultans in 1511, and its inhabitants were Islamized during their rule. 17 In 1737, however, captain de la garde-jazier, commander of a french naval expedition heading for Mocha, was surprised to find Christian tribes living in the interior of Socotra during a five-week stopover on the island. He reported in a letter home that the tribesmen, "due to lack of missionaries, had only retained a faint knowledge of Christianity." 18 In 1834, the east India company, in the expectation that the mahra sultan of Qishn and Socotra, who resided at Qishn.

Faced with the unexpected firm refusal of the sultan to sell, however, as well as the lack of good anchorages for a coaling station to be used by the new steamship line being put into service on the suez-bombay route, the British left in 1835. After the capture of Aden in 1839, the British lost all interest in acquiring Socotra. In January 1876, in exchange for a payment of 3000 thalers and a yearly subsidy, the sultan pledged "himself, his heirs and successors, never to cede, to sell, to mortgage, or otherwise give for occupation, save to the British government, the Island of Socotra. 19 In April 1886, the British government, concerned about reports that the german navy had been visiting various ports in the red sea and the Indian Ocean for the purpose of securing a naval base, decided to conclude a protectorate treaty with the sultan. 20 Apart from those obligations, this preemptive protectorate treaty, designed above all to seal off Socotra from competing colonial powers, left the sultan in control of the island. In 1897, the p o ship Aden sank after being wrecked on a reef near Socotra, with the loss of 78 lives.

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11 12 Further investigation showed that these had been left by sailors who visited the island between the 1st century bc and the 6th century. Most lichaam of the texts are written in the Indian Brāhmī script, but there are also inscriptions in south Arabian, ethiopic, greek, palmyrene and Bactrian scripts and languages. This corpus of nearly 250 texts and drawings thus constitutes one of the main sources for the investigation of Indian Ocean trade networks in that time period. 13 A local tradition holds that the inhabitants were converted to Christianity by Thomas the Apostle in. In the 10th century, the Arab geographer Abu muhammad al-Hasan al-Hamdani stated that in his time most of the inhabitants were Christians. Socotra is also mentioned in The Travels of Marco polo ; Marco polo did not pass anywhere near the island but recorded a report that "the inhabitants are baptised Christians and have an 'archbishop who, it is further explained, "has nothing to do with the. 14 In 1507, a portuguese fleet commanded by Tristão da cunha with Afonso de Albuquerque landed at the then capital of Suq nutrilite and captured the port after a stiff battle. Their objective was to set a base in a strategic place on the route to India, and to liberate the presumed friendly Christians from Islamic rule. Tomás Fernandes started to build a fortress at Suq, the forte de são miguel de socotorá.

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Huntingford remarks that the name suqotra is not Greek in origin, but from the sanskrit dvīpa island sukhadhara supporting, or providing bliss. 4 History edit map of online the socotra archipelago There was initially an Oldowan lithic culture in Socotra. Oldowan stone tools were found in the area around Hadibo. Zhukov, a member of the russian Complex Expedition in 2008. 6 7 8 Socotra appears as dioskouridou of the dioscuri " 9 ) in the periplus of the Erythraean sea, a 1st-century ad greek navigation aid. A recent discovery of texts in several languages, including a wooden tablet in Palmyrene dated to the 3rd century ad, indicate the diverse origins of those who used Socotra as a trading base in antiquity. 10 In 2001 a group of Belgian speleologists of the socotra karst Project investigated a cave on the island Socotra. There, they came across a large number of inscriptions, drawings and archaeological objects.

Al Mahrah governorate ). In 2013, the archipelago goji became its own governorate, the. There is a dispute between Yemen and Somalia's government over the island's sovereignty. 2, the island of, socotra constitutes around 95 of the landmass of the. It lies some 240 kilometres (150 mi) east off the coast. Cape guardafui and 380 kilometres (240 mi) south of the. 3, the island is very isolated, home to a high number of endemic species ; up to a third of its plant life is endemic. It has been described as "the most alien-looking place on Earth." 4, the island measures 132 kilometres (82 mi) in length and.7 kilometres (30.9 mi) in width. 5, contents, etymology edit In the notes to his translation of the periplus of the Erythraean sea,.

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For the submerged rock in the east China sea, see. Socotra arabic : suquṭra also called, soqotra, located between the, guardafui channel and the. Arabian sea, is the largest of four islands of the. The territory is located near major shipping routes and is officially part. Yemen, and had long been a subdivision of the. In 2004, it became attached to the. Hadhramaut governorate, which is much aging closer to the island than Aden (although the nearest governorate was the.

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