"you know, botox is good for that he told. "i've injected patients (and myself and there's relief from the pain and swelling. . Shafer explained that eight years ago, he went to japan with Allergan (the makers of Botox) to help teach the doctors. During his time there, he noticed doctors were injecting Botox into the jaw to slim the lower part of the face. But a happy accident occurred after patients started reporting that they felt relief from jaw pain. By injecting directly into the muscle, shafer says, botox limits muscle function, and decreases tmd symptoms.

therapy, or in severe cases. And, unfortunately, tmd is often a chronic condition. There's no cure for my pain. After attempting several treatments, i decided to get a night guard and start what i affectionately refer to as "the mush diet which is exactly what it sounds like — eating without chewing. I had a bit of relief (and an excuse to eat avocados and smoothies all day but i knew the diet would only be short-lived because eventually i wanted to, well, chew while eating. I'd lost all hope until I was working on an article with New York city-based plastic surgeon david Shafer, when our conversation turned to my horrible tmj.

Many doctor's visits, x-rays, and cat scans later one doctor said, "you might have tmj." It wasn't definitive, but at least it was something to work with. You may also like, what's tmj? The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is where the jaw bone klei (mandible) connects to the skull (temporal bone). "When people say tmj, they are often referring to pain or discomfort anywhere along the jaw, which may also include some neck muscles says Jennifer. Bassiur, doctor and director of the center for Oral, facial and head pain at Columbia university. But because the pain isn't just located at the joint, a more accurate term for the condition may actually be "tmd or temporomandibular disorder. This refers to the conditions involving pain or dysfunction in the jaw point and/or surrounding tissues, she says. The national Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research estimates that more than 10 million Americans are affected by the disorder, reporting pain in and around the ear and jaw — on one or both sides of the face — as well as headache, tension, inability. Curing, well, managing, tmd first depends on identifying the underlying cause. . For me, it was clenching, which only worsened when I was stressed (i.e.

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My crash course into the mysterious world of Temporomandibular joint disorder began one fateful fall evening, during my junior year of college. The day started off, as apparatuur usual, packed with classes and followed by a seven-hour shift at one of my two part-time jobs. What began as a dull ache early in the day, suddenly turned into a searing hot pain that shot through my head as the lights from oncoming traffic flashed across my field of vision during my drive home. It was my first migraine. At that point, i'd been experiencing jaw pain for a while but didn't ever associate the two. Soon after the migraine hit, my jaw became so swollen and lopsided that I decided to go to a doctor who thought I had a lump that needed a biopsy. Turns out, i had a super-strong masseter muscle (the muscle that helps facilitate chewing) after years of stress-induced clenching, which was like weight-lifting my jaw muscles for eight hours every night.

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