The gel has powdered black sesame seeds in it and smells exactly like sesame seeds, but it's not too overwhelming. Black mask (Chinese: ) is a 1996 Hong Kong action film starring Jet li, lau ching-wan, karen mok and Anthony wong. It was directed by daniel lee and produced. Mediheal nmf aquaring Ampoule mask, ex, review : I first got this mask as a gift, and I must say i wasnt a fan of it right at first usage. Because i had a very bad. Breathe healthy honeycomb Black mask - flu, mask, dust, mask, allergy mask - comfortable, reusable - protection from Dust, pollen, Allergens.

review black mask face scrub effectively exfoliates dead skin that prevents makeup. skinfood Black sesame hot Mask.

When some drug moment lords begin turning up dead, Tsui dons a black mask and hat to investigate the nadelen slayings and learns that his former Squad 701 comrades, led by psychotic Commander Hung (Patrick lung are plotting to take over the drug kingpin's illegal trade. Among their number is Tsui's ex-girlfriend kaelin (Francoise yip). Watch it now, cast, news interviews for, black mask. New Set Pics of Willis, jackman, McGregor bosworth. Will Jet li help Construct "The Great Wall"? Critic reviews for, black mask, view All Critic reviews (29 audience reviews for. Black mask, view All Audience reviews, black mask.

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Tomatometer, tomatometer Not available. —, audience score, average rating:.1/5, user Ratings: 22,226. Critic Consensus: Stylish setting and masterfully choreographed fight scenes, but the story advies is low on credibility and high on excessive violence and gore. Movie info, martial arts star hoofdhuid Jet li donned a black hat and mask to portray a comic book superhero in this pulp action tale that gets the full-blown Hong Kong treatment from choreographer yuen wo ping, who later designed the fight scenes for The matrix. Li stars as Tsui chik, leader of Squad 701, an elite commando team of genetically-engineered super-soldiers. When the unit was deemed a failure because of mental instability in some of the test subjects, the project was disbanded. Tsui now lives quietly in Hong Kong, masquerading as a shy librarian whose only friend is a cop (lau ching Wan).

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My face looks and feels brighter and it definitely removed the impurities in my skin, especially on my nose. However, here it is two hours later and my face is still very tender and my face is now very oily. I attribute this to my skin overproducing oil since the clay mask absorbed and stripped all of the natural oil from my face. This effect subsided once i cleansed and moisturized my face before bed. The next morning Well my face survived, however my skin still feels tender this morning. Im pretty sure the mask removed several layers of skin and I hope that I did not cause any damage. This was no gentle process and for some, this mask could really be painful if you have sensitive skin. Where to buy boscia luminizing Black mask i bought the boscia luminizing Black mask at Sephora today for 34 and i also found it on Amazon at a much higher price,.99.

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I had an extremely hard time getting the edge to lift and thats when the pain started. Every little tiny peach fuzz hair on my face felt like it onkruid was being ripped off my face in slow motion, and literally it was ouch! Now ive never waxed my face, other than my eyebrows, but I have waxed other parts and this was right up there as far as the pain level goes. All I can say is thank goodness i didnt apply this product too close to the delicate skin underneath my eyes, as the result would not have been good. The mask peels off in one piece and could double as a halloween mask!

So after a couple minutes of struggling to slowly peel the mask off, i finally got it off in mostly one piece. Holding it up to the light, i can see that its covered in peach fuzz hair, with some remnants of skin. My face was a little pink but not as irritated as I thought it would. I rinsed off a couple missed spots with a cool washcloth and I noticed that the pores on my nose had some gunk just begging to be squeezed out, so i went ahead and squeezed gently using the washcloth in between my fingers. I actually kinda liked this part! After effects The instructions also say to apply a moisturizer right after, so i applied my kollagen Intensiv as i knew it would help calm my skin. Now to be honest, i liked the afterglow that resulted from the mask and my face feels very smooth.

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Getting the edges to lift was difficult, it really adheres to your face (applying a very thick layer is key). I disagree with the claim that it would be suitable for all skin types, this would kill someone with sensitive skin or a sunburn. A peel that sticks so aggressively may actually damage the skin when you remove. My experience and Results Using Boscia luminizing Black mask. Why i chose this mask, it was the jet black color and shiny latex appearance of this mask that intrigued me today as I was browsing Sephora, and since ive used clay masks before with great results I thought Id give it a try.

I was looking for a mask that could clean out the blackheads on my nose and shrink my pores. The fact that it can reduce fine lines and wrinkles was an afterthought; I wanted a deep pore cleansing in the form of a peel. Applying the mask be careful to avoid the eye area as shown on the box I followed the directions and cleansed my face and patted it dry. Applying the mask was easy, and I was very careful to try and emulate the picture on the box, avoiding my eye area and my eyebrows (thank goodness I did this!) i applied a rather generous layer of the product, as I wanted. Once applied, i had a cooling sensation on my skin and it did make my eyes water for a couple of minutes. The instructions are to leave the mask on for 30 minutes which I did. Removing the mask and the pain that came with it my face was so tightened by the mask that it made me talk a little funny, but that made me feel like it was working effectively. The 30 minute mark arrived and it was time to peel this bad boy off.

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I dont recommend this mask for sensitive skin or those with acne, peeling it off is afvallen far too painful and could cause damage. Advantages of Boscia luminizing Black mask. It contains natural ingredients, removes impurities and debris easily with absorbent clay known for cosmetic use. Refines pores, may reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Strips away dead skin, produces a radiant glow, contains no artificial colors or fragrances. Packaging states that its suitable for all skin types. Disadvantages of Boscia luminizing Black mask. It was painful to remove the mask and it removed a lot of my facial hair, hurts worse than waxing.

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This product is free of artificial colors and fragrance and is ethanol alcohol free, but its second ingredient is polyvinyl alcohol, which is an irritating form of alcohol that often serves as cure the main ingredient in peel-off facial masks. The boscia luminizing Black mask also contains witch hazel, honey suckle flower extract, eucalyptus leaf oil, rosemary leaf oil, jojoba and willow herb, which work to tone and sooth the skin. While the boscia line is proud that they do not include any preservatives in any of their formulas, what they dont acknowledge is the research showing that preservatives can in fact make cosmetics better. An effective preservative system can prevent the growth of bacteria and microbes and safeguard the integrity of fragile or unstable ingredients. The number of people who have an irritation to preservatives is far lower than the number of people who have irritations from ingredients such as eucalyptus oil. Boscia luminizing Black mask Pros and Cons. For this review, the pros and cons list will be the easy part, because the cons were easy to identify, but I do have an afterglow that Im enjoying even though my face still hurts two hours later! A good way to make a decision on whether or not to buy a product that will be well suited for your skin, is to compare the good points with the bad.

There are three primary ingredients in the boscia luminizing Black mask which enable it to detoxify pores, soak up excess oil, condition the skin and protect against free radicals, brighten the skin, and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Montmorillonite Clay, this is a clay of the Smectites family and is very similar to bentotite, however its español named after a region in France where it is mined. It is made up of soft minerals that form as microscopic crystals and is an advantageous method to drawing out impurities in the skin and absorbing excess oil. Pine bark Extract, known for its antioxidant properties, pine bark extract is a compound that blocks the action of free radicals, which are activated oxygen molecules that can damage cells. Just as it sounds, pine bark extract comes from the pine tree and it also carries anti-inflammatory properties. Vitamin c, the infusion of Vitamin c into cosmetic products is an age old treatment that helps the appearance of sun damaged skin, reduce inflammation, promote collagen production, lessen hyper-pigmentation, and enhance the effectiveness of peels and exfoliants. Also an anti-oxidant, vitamin C works to brighten the skin.

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Rachel Vrabel Last Updated: October 24, 2017 6, rating: none/5, boscia luminizing Black mask not for the faint of heart. The boscia luminizing Black mask is an innovative peel-off mask formulated to afslankgel help boost skin clarity and help minimize the appearance of pores. This jet black, mineral rich mask works by removing dirt, impurities and absorbing excess oil to reveal a healthy, glowing complexion. Its main ingredients are montmorillonte Clay, pine bark Extract, and Vitamin C which work together to detoxify, protect, brighten the skin tone, and reduce the look of fine lines. Today i was browsing in Sephora and decided to buy this product to give it a try and I must say, the boscia luminizing Black mask is nothing like ive ever tried! Imagine painting liquid latex on your face, allowing it to dry, and then peeling it off (along with all the hairs on your face!). My experience with this product was very interesting to say the least, and as I sit here feeling the after effects of this mask, im laughing because as women, we will try just about anything for great skin! Read on to see if the pain was was worth it and be sure and check out my video review to watch me try and remove it, its quite entertaining. Boscia luminizing Black mask Ingredients and How They work.

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