And up another way heading towards - season perfect you can treat those areas and sort of not be homebound for that - for healing is a laser treatment - the neck and the chest area it it's an in office. Procedure you go and you get it done you leave an aptly and then he just do home care home to - the week - exactly and then the maintenance is going to be the - - this sun protection all of those good things. And sometimes you need a series of these still - on the face we can go stronger and accomplished a lot in one treatment. When you talk about the neck contest it's really important to make sure you know who's treating you makes it supports the - aesthetic - right dermatologists and plastic surgeon who's doing the treatment for you and ask the questions that you know if you. But but a week before - not a good idea for the neck and that test and then he'll repeat the treatment and you just keep getting improved results every time how often you have to you know. You - depending on how much damage you have in the results you get and how strong we can push it you may have to - it - to four times. And then that's pretty much if that becomes your new point of aging so how long that lasts depends on how well you behave how he would take care of yourself actor Doris day.

laser for decolletage I had a practical - out there. That the - - lasers are fabulous places but they can be a little more intense and have more downtime this newest one is really targeting pigment and - lines so you can have a laser - essentially and then go on with - day. While the face me - in a week. The next contest can take a little bit longer they don't - quite the same way.

They're much much harder to fix and we have to be a lot more gentle. With a neck and the chest that we are with the - philoderm in terms of the rejuvenation procedures that we do and what - what is some of the damage that can happen that area so it's the typical sun damage where you see brown. I see so many women every day - had - on their neck in the chest and - left with these tan or brown spots that are really markers of sunburn in the past sometimes even all the way from childhood it takes ten. Put them once rising sun screen on your neck chest and don't forget to protect those areas that also wait - something - - carrying a - anything just brushed them on even over your make - but take it down your neck chest back. They would just as well look for the spf makes use enough product and re - and the next thing is using products that contain baton all those of really great for skin cell turnover - and - new collagen and so anybody who can. To be using like an extended bounce in the neck and the testimony just traveling down. You may not do it every day as he - on the face but you can certainly apply those products there you put a - on before your moisturizer - after. Before your moisturizer because otherwise it may not get through - way and then you and moisturizer. Immediately afterward or you but it either way you could not immediately ask could and - way - - do it so i put it right - after - - also better at night because - sensitive to light. And they'll break down it's not so much that they make you more light sensitive is that they. That the great news there is that we have amazing new in office treatments in terms of both chemical - that are specifically targeting.

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Transcript for skin Treatments for the Chest. As the days get shorter and the sleeves get longer - sun exposure drops making this time a great time to treat the sun damage from the summer. Our - usually get as much exposure as our - but rarely gets the attention it needs. Here to explain how to give our debt collect - beloved - is dermatologist Doris day. I - great to see you thanks for being here and happy talk a little bit about the neck the chat area as it's safe to say that this for the part of the body a lot of women forget to protect. It's part of the - exactly that's completely ignored over time and people don't realize that when you're walking out and you have a nice sun dress or V neck our crew neck. You're tested your neck are getting exposed as much as your face and the problem is that those areas. Eight more himalaya poorly and more quickly why is as the skin thinner and different vascular in a different blood supply different nerve stimulation - - just heals completely differently. And the problem was that in the past lasers and other treatments we had for the face could not be applied to the net because you would get a - to heal completely differently.

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Couldnt recommend it highly enough. Irelands most advanced online one-stop-shop for cosmeceutical skincare. Why shop at skinShop? Free Online nurse skin Consultation 10 Off your first order. Authorised stockists of all brands, in-depth online skincare and aftercare advice. Exclusive offers available only to skinShop customers. Free follow up service, free delivery on all orders over.

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Its safe to say that my skin migraine is now in the best condition ever in my life and the complementary sunscreen, Antioxidant, retinol, Glycolic, salicylic, and hyaluronic Acid products that I now use religiously keep it safe and glowing between visits to the Clinic. I cant thank Anna and her staff enough for the expert service and education they provide and I look forward to being a prognose returning customer for many years to come. My experience here has been and continues to be really positive. Treated amazingly each visit and not just as another name on the list to get through that day. Personalised service where the girls can remember your name so gives you a good feeling. Eilís ní facebook, the laser and skin Clinic on Baggot Street provides a friendly, professional service that I have recommended to friends.

I underwent three sessions of micro-needling and saw a significant improvement to shallow acne scarring on my cheeks. At 36, i was unsure if my skin could heal that well so i was very pleased. The staff is very approachable and knowledgeable and I received excellent post-treatment and other care advice. I would highly recommend The laser and skin Clinic. Irene c facebook, immaculate clinic, professional and friendly service, i will continue to recommend it to my nearest and dearest. Medical advice as required was very reassuring.

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So happy with my experience at The laser and skin Clinic skin, i really felt that they wanted to help me for the want of a better word fix my skin. The girls were so knowlegeable and explained everything to me during the consultation and educated me about my skin. During treaments everything was explained thru every step and I was always asked how I was coping with treament just case i was uncomfortable. I have seen great results from my skin peels and look forward to continue my skin journey with The laser and skin Clinic. Lukas b facebook, the laser and skin Clinic Dublin clinic has been and still is the best clinic I have went to in regards my trouble with acne.

All the staff are always very positive, polite and professional. Treatment options were displayed very clearly to me with an appropriate time frame for each step. Progress pictures are always taken on every visit to see how much progress we have made since the last visit, so you can look back and enjoy with the positive outcomes. My journey to where i want to be at the end of all the treatments just started, but Im only looking forward to go back into the clinic each time, even tho i have to go through a 4 hour journey on each visit. Youll always leave the clinic with a positive mood and feel treated politely,  with respect and never looked down. Not only would I recommend this clinic to my friends and family, but to everyone else that has any kind of issue these lovely people can help you with. Once you go laser and skin, youll never look back! Wayne h google, i initially booked an appointment 11 years ago for laser hair removal which I was slightly conscious about. I had no need to worry whatsoever as the staff made me feel at ease straightaway, and i was pleased to see they used the highest grade machine on the market for my impressed was I by that experience, i looked into other treatments and.

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If you are considering having any skin treatments done, this is the only place. I cannot recommend it enough. Elaine m facebook, i really couldnt be more impressed with the results Anna has helped me achieve in one treatment. With pigmentation an issue for me affecting my confidence, i decided to see the right people about doing the right thing. I left my consultation dieet with the ability to make an informed lycium and educated decision with the options Id been presented with. I actually try wear as little make up as possible now and ive gone from a face full of freckles to just a few with a renewed glow, confidence, and knowledge for the future care of my skin. Im so impressed and so happy!

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The range of treatments offered is exceptional. I have been to a number of clinics but this one by far surpasses any. My skin has greatly improved and all the treatments they offer are effective and really work. You can see a significant improvement within a very short time. Anna has excellent knowlege of all the latest treatments and skin care products available and can advise as to what best suits each client. The clinic itself is very relaxing and all the staff go to great lengths to make you feel welcome. The aftercare each client receives is first class.

Successfully treat skin laxity and sagging, lowered brows, sagging under the chin, loose skin on the neck and fine lines and wrinkles on the décolletage. Get started on your Ultherapy journey by booking your consultation today! Book your consultation, whether you are looking for medical grade laser hair removal or advanced fda approved skin treatments, our highly trained nurses, doctors and aesthetic therapists will recommend the best possible treatment to suit your individual needs. Fill in the contact form and one of our friendly staff members will be in contact you to book your consultation. Requesonsultation below, sign up for special offers. Requesooking, sign up for special offers, client Testimonials. Aine mac facebook, i would very line highly recommend The laser and skin Clinic. The staff are extremely professional, discrete and very friendly.

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Festive beauty: look your best this party season Want to shine this party season? The first step is to make sure your skin is in the best possible condition, but we all know how quickly late nights and too much booze leave us with a less than glowing complexion. Winner Best Clinic Group uk ireland 2016. Clinical Director Anna gunning is proud to welcome you to The laser and skin Clinic; a state-of-the-art award-winning group of cosmetic afvallen clinics specialising in the latest and most advanced non-surgical aesthetic treatments. Recognised as one of Irelands most reputable and innovative aesthetic skin clinic groups The laser and skin Clinic truly sets the bar for a next generation of anti-ageing clinics that offer the most innovative, safe and highly effective treatments, alongside a five-star service. Treatments, conditions, ultherapy harnessing the power of ultrasound to produce visible results. Ultherapy is a revolutionary age-defying fda approved treatment scientifically proven to stimulate new collagen and elastin which can reverse the signs of ageing.

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