Building, cost, upkeep, description, quay 10/cell.01/week/cell, use quays to give waterfront a nice finish. Quays are concrete walls built on the shore to even out terrain differences and allow for zoning near the water. Flood wall 10/cell.01/week/cell, if your canals have spots that are prone to flooding, you can use flood walls to control the water. Shallow canal 10/cell.01/week/cell. Shallow canals accept only a small amount of water. They can also be used to regulate waterflow into deeper canals, by placing a stretch of shallow canal segments at the start of a longer canal.

landscaping scissors Deeper canals hold more water and are prone to flooding unless regulated by the shallow canals. Quays are concrete walls on shorelines and help level the terrain and provide suitable zoning. Flood walls control water by prevent water from flowing to the other side.

In other words, if soil availability is full or depleted, terrain cannot be lowered or elevated respectively. If soil availability is full, the soil must be placed on another source. If the soil availability is empty, the soil must be taken from another source. Landscaping features three sizes of brushes and three types of brush strengths. Depending on the size and strength of the brush, the amount of soil being added or removed will also be affected. Decorations, edit, palm trees and boulders, paths, floral, and rocks can be freely placed on available map reviews tiles. Paths work similarly to roads, except the size of building paths is much smaller than roads, fits in tight spaces, and works only for pedestrians. Floral and rocks are aesthetic decorations that allows cities to look more lively and natural. The type of floral is determined by the theme of the city, where a tropical city will have palm trees in contrast to a winter city having more evergreen trees. Edit, quays adding a nice touch to a shoreline.

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Landscaping allows intricate forms of terrain, from steep cliffs to smooth hills. Landscaping is a tool that allows terraforming, decorations, and water structures. The tool is unlocked when meeting the tiny town milestone. The landscaping tool was released in a free patch update on March 22, 2016. 1, landscaping, edit, landscaping allows mayors to use the land's soil and form new smooth or steep landscapes. The tool is capable of lowering or elevating the terrain remedy by adding nutrilite or removing soil. Soil availability is determined by the amount of soil being taken or added to the terrain. If the terrain is lowered, soil availability increases; if the terrain is elevated, soil availability is decreased.

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